Living room



A little modeling, a little texturing, a little lighting &




Software: 3ds Max

Time Taken: 3-4 days


Tinkerbell’s teapot house




I started it off like this….


and finished it off like this =)


Software: 3ds Max

Time Taken: 2-3 days

Inspired from tinker bells teapot house

A little girl’s room

This is my 5th post here so I thought it could be a special one. This is a children’s room I did. I started it off like this. I decided not to go ahead with the chest of drawers for the final image.

And voila! Here it is!

Zoomed in images of the final outcome –

The bookcase shows off some of my favourite things – The Simpsons, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games series 😛

Tea parties

Fairy tales

Barbie Dolls

Cooking sets


Sigh. I wish I could go back in time

Software: Autodesk Maya and Photoshop CS4

Time Taken: Couple of weeks!

(My friend told me the room looks like the one in this OREO ad .. Lol)

Please click on the images for a better view!

The best part of the day …

She came home finally.

She was lucky this time.

No one was present.

She kicked off her heels, put her stocking covered legs over each other on the table and held a glass of wine.

It was time to travel in her head.

Software: Autodesk Maya

Time taken: couple of weeks

Please click on the images for a better view. It’s before and after texturing 🙂

The grunge look

Soak yourself in the tub darling.

No one needs to know what you did tonight.

Inspired from the ‘Saw’ series

Software: 3ds Max

Time taken: Spread over a couple of days

A walk down the street

Sometimes the answers you are looking for comes at you at the strangest times. When you’re roaming down the street just to clear your mind and listen to the sounds of the city, the answer you’ve been searching for suddenly gushes into your mind like a breeze.

Software: Autodesk Maya

Time Taken: Bits and pieces over 4 days

Starting the adventure with a date for two

First dates are always crucial. Everything has to be perfect. The wine, the rich dessert, the candle light, and the music in the air should make us dance into a secret world held only by you and me.

Software: Autodesk Maya

Time taken: 2 hours

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